Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wow I can blog from my phone!

Ely and Ava at the park and at SMSD girls nite out! Ava, you are so photogenic!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Fairy

This Valentine's Day I decided to treat everyone to special pancakes. Thanks to my pancake batter pen (on the right) I can make shapes and even letters.

021412 001

Ely and I made cards and treats yesterday so she was well aware what today was. So what did she request this morning? To wear a special dress of course!  Ely got this for her birthday from Uncle Tay-tay.  She added a tutu underneath for added pouf.

021412 009

Breakfast of Champions.

021412 002

Here is Ely being…exuberant.

021412 013

Here she is opening her Valentine's Day present. Ely's reaction was so cute because yesterday she and I picked this dolly out. Yet she was so thankful and surprised.

021412 020

The bubble solution ended up on the floor in about 1 minute.  It's a good thing I had a back up.

021412 023

The Valentine's treats got dumped on the table and devoured in about 60 seconds too.

021412 026

Then we paid surprise visits to some special Valentines. The Valentine's fairy also visited Tia Kena but she was in the middle of a procedure at the animal clinic and couldn’t pose for a shot.

021412 031

And last but not least…

021412 033

As most of you know, Eliana is no good at goodbyes. She was very disappointed that Daddy was not coming with us.

021412 040

After some sugary bribing she cheered up.

021412 044

And what does this Valentine's Day fairy like best of all? Playing in the park!  Ely was so good about sharing treats today that she definitely earned some playground fun.

021412 050

Happy V Day! 

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son; that whoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life!

John 3:16

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party!

If you love pictures, you will love this post. Ely's party took 3 weeks to plan, lots of sleepless nights and lots of wonderful helpers. Thank you to everyone who babysat, cut Foofa flowers, made plaster, ran errands, took party pictures or helped clean up! And last but not least, Gina was the totally talented creator of Ely's birthday cake. 020412 016

Notice the hundreds of edible sugar flowers on the table…genius! Ely could not, would not stop eating them. Along with everyone else!

020412 019

Here is the Gorgeous Gina with Austin.

These were the kids' goody bags. The Foofa and Plex cut outs came from the Nick Jr. website.

020412 141

This was our guest sign in made out of posterboard from HEB.

020412 142

These were the guest 'Thank You for Coming' rainbow cookies. Thank you Good Life Eats blog.

020412 146

This is what the cookies looked like before the slicing process:

020412 004

Kelsie and Kevin were so sweet to do last minute errands the day of the party for us. And these were the flowers they picked. Perfect!

020412 151

These were some of the party hats I made. Thank you Lavenders Blue for the template.

This is Foofaland. This came together the night before the party when the Spirit of Last Minute Ideas paid me a visit. I used butcher paper that my church gave me for free (so nice) and painted the lime green fields with acrylic paint. I got the characters from the Nick Jr. website but had to blow them up at Alphagraphics and laminate them.

020412 154

Miraculously, I cleared off a window sill for the presents. This was probably the happiest our windowsill have ever been.

020412 147

Here is Ely hogging her babies…hoping no one will notice.

020412 042

Here are 3 members of the Piña clan.

020412 043

Here is Ely with one of her favorite women in the whole world.

Ava was the most entertaining participant of Pin the Eye Muno game…

020412 059

Ely's Top 3 Favorite things about the party:

1. Daddy dressed up as DJ Lance Rock

2. Ms. Gina's amazing cake and…

3. the Foofa piñata, thanks Bulala!

020412 074

A very squirrely kid picture posing in front of Foofa.

020412 096

The adorable Baby Zachary…

020412 100

Here is Bulala having the time of her life and future softball all star Ava.

020412 108

Here is Ely's other favorite woman in the whole world.

020412 140

Cutest DJ Lance ever!

020412 121

Ely was keenly aware who's party this was.

020412 169

The DJ Lance wannabees.

020412 172

In case you have a shoe fetish, here is a close up of my DJ Lance-alicious shoes.

We gave Ely her first Williams Sonoma apron, because every serious chef in our family needs one.

020412 177

This is what the inside of the top cake tier looked like. Lots of ooohs and aaahhhs….

And the bottom tier was all chocolatey goodness! We are still eating birthday cake and we couldn’t be happier about it.

020412 184