Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three little monkeys at the ZoO!

It was nearly 100 degrees in Houston!

061511 114

Unfortunately I forgot the name of this adorable mini monkey…but he’s so cute!

061511 130

This was a very cool tunnel inside of an aquarium, but after awhile, Eli wanted o-u-t! Not so with Abi, she started doing her fancy donkey kicks!

061511 140

Isn’t this such a cute photo?

061511 157

This giraffe is so gorgeous but she was a bit uppity! Pun intended!

061511 170

Abi and Mama!

061511 179

Eli in an inspired moment loving on Aba!

061511 189

Oh my golly, the gumball machine pooping goats!  Eli was so fascinated by the poopin’ booties that she would pop a squat to wait for the popos!

061511 197

This goat was hilarious!  It was crying and whining just like a real person! The zookeeper said she gets really whiny when she thinks she’s starving!! LOL!

061511 203

Poor Lil Missy Moo, she doesn’t realize goats have teeth and can bite her little fingers off.

061511 212

Thanks for the memories PiƱa fam!

061511 220

Thursday, June 2, 2011