Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mother of the Year 2011

After a closer look at the Mother of the Year award's eligibility requirements, "Burning your child", has disqualified me. Dang! Maybe next year!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where is Eli in such a hurry to get to?

011511 001

To the Sour Cream Chocolate frosting of course!

011511 002

While the Cat is away the Girlie Mice eat chocolate! Dada is not a big fan of feeding Eli chocolate, but how can I deny her Sour Cream Chocolate Frosting???

011511 009

Maybe I’m setting her up for a sugar addiction or root canals Who me? or chocolate therapy or just maybe culinary greatness!   If Eliana turns out to be a bookwormish engineer I will be the most surprised. I’m certainly raising her to love all my favorite things:  cooking, sewing and the arts!

011511 011

This is the daintiest cupcake bite I’ve ever seen.

011511 018

And like any responsible sous chef, she helps with the clean-up!

011511 031

Fun Visits!

We got to visit Coco’s Lil Sis, the Tiny, the Lovely…Carys! Unlike some babies, Carys was in a big hurry to see the world and meet her Mama. She was 2 whole weeks early!  Eliana looks a little worried that I may be getting funny ideas about babies…nope! You are all the baby I can handle right now!

010811 002

And here is Coco with her sassy new do’! We can’t wait to play with you again!

Eli and Coco hadn’t seen each other in 3 kid years (3 weeks) so they were a little hesitant to touch but they will warm up to each other soon!

010811 008

The following day we had an impromptu visit from Abuela and Nancy from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Ajuuuua!  Eliana impressed them both with her very fine motor skills.

011311 001

I’m not sure what Eli is thinking in this picture but it’s a great representation of her deviant nature Winking smile011311 007

Thanks for the fun  memories!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Le Petite Artiste

Premiere, l’artiste must zink very hard about what to paint…

010411 066

Le inspiration has come!

010411 068

Voila! Le Masterpiece! 

010511 042

Oh yes and she painted something aussi!

010511 040

Whipping cream = happy Eli


010411 044

010411 047

Friday, January 7, 2011

Eli’s 2nd Christmas morn of 2010…

What is a Girly Girl to do if she wakes up to this at her grandparents’ house??

122710 001

First thing: Bypass all loved ones and greetings…

122710 002

Second on the agenda:  Run inside and squeal with glee!

122710 008

And last but not least: Wield Girly Girl Power to get Papa in said  fairy castle!

122710 009

And logically speaking what’s a fairy tale castle without a princess in a pink fluffy dress?

122710 029

And to  make her joy complete, an easel!  And because all good fairy tale princesses sweep and mop, maybe for her birthday Eli will receive a mop and broom! Winking smile

122710 046

Thanks Papa!

122710 052

Thanks Hattie!

122710 054

Eli’s First Christmas morning (of 2010)

I am determined to finish my holiday blogging even if it’s 2011!  We spent Christmas morning in Katy with my parents and it was fun to wake up with the expectation of gifts, since I grew up opening them on the 24th. But Eli will open hers on the 25th!

122610 076

Eli got lots Boppys (rabbits) and furniture for her dollhouse!  Everyone enjoyed playing with her stuff!

122610 081

And here is Eli exerting her Girly Girl Power to make her Abuelo (Papa) color in her new Rapunzel coloring book. This was also a Christmas miracle since I have never seen my dad color! LOL!

122610 092

And here are the Piña Smith cousins!  Two girlies and one very handsome prince!  Edson is the sweetest boy ever!  He likes to randomly and continually give Eli quick hugs, that’s probably why she loves him so much!

And Eli got to go to Abigirl’s Sunday school class!  I wish I had video of that!  We love you Piña cousins!
122610 097