Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yoooooo Gabba Gabbaaaaaa!!!!

We took Eli to see DJ Lance Rock & the gang last Sunday and had a great time! This was the beginning of the act:

120411 046

And this was Eli’s reaction:

120411 049

Toodee, Foofa, DJ Lance, Muno, Plex & Brobee!  For those in the dark, this is a TV show on Nick Jr.

120411 057

The entire concert, Eliana kept saying, “I want to hug them!” But when we finally made it ‘backstage"’ Eli insisted I hold her!  I guess stranger phobia is a good thing after all!

120411 071

See how tightly she’s got me around my neck! It was great to meet Foofa!

120411 073

Brobee cracks me up!

120411 075

JW loves Brobee too!

120411 076

Plex & Muno!

120411 082

Eli finally warmed up to the monsters after some snacks!

120411 088

We waited for DJ Lance to come out and it was totally worth it. He was the sweetest celebrity ever!  So nice! After our picture he swung Eliana around like an airplane! He made sure all of his fans felt special.

120411 122

And here is Eliana’s newest ‘princess’ dress that she will surely wear for the next several days in a row:

120811 022

Her very own Foofa rainbow dress! It was supposed to be ready for the concert, but life is not fair. The important thing is that it’s DONE now! Yay!