Sunday, October 30, 2011

Girls’ Weekend!

Since the men in our lives decided to ditch us for doves, we decided to have our own fun!  We celebrated Halloween in the sweetest way imaginable: cookie party!

103011 002

Eliana is a very talented taste tester…

103011 005

She worked on her sprinkle allocation skills…

103011 009

and chocolate dipping….

103011 030

but taste testing is her fave skill by far!

103011 031

Piping is so hard!

103011 036

After the gobs of sweets we made, we reverse trick or treated Hattie’s friend and neighbor.

103011 041

And were surprised by a goodie bag! Thanks Cathy!

103011 050

Eliana also painted and decorated a pumpkin for Hattie.

103011 061

After dinner we were treated to a show by CinderEli herself:

103011 083

Thank goodness Hattie had lipstick on hand for our star…

103011 092

By 10 o’clock, Eliana was showing no signs of stopping. Poor Hattie got to be a play gym!

103011 100

Here is Eliana’s encore performance before crashing in 2 seconds flat:

103011 124

After we read stories in bed, Eliana laid on her pillow paralyzed by fatigue, closed her little eyes and was out!

We are crafted and cookie-d out! Yay Girls’ Weekend!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cedar Park 5Miler

Eliana waited for Mama ever so patiently!

102311 117

Here she comes!

102311 118

JW got some cool pics of me running! I was sooooo happy right here because the finish line was right in front of me!!  I could barely believe I had reached my goal!

102311 123

I didn’t even know JW and Eliana were watching me! I was so focused on crossing the line.102311 126

I found them!

102311 128

I’m pretty sure Eliana was proud of me too!

102311 130

I didn’t stop running at all the whole race, except for picking a sunflower for my little booster. I have to give JW credit for registering me for the race. I’ve been training for this race for 6 months! But I didn’t know they were actually putting it on until about a week ago so when I found out the race was on, I wasn’t so sure I could do it. But I thank God for giving me the strength and endurance to run my race!

I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.  Psalm 119:32

102311 135

Pumpkin Patch 2011

102311 009

102311 018

102311 025

102311 034

102311 038

102311 063

I LOVE this Eli face! It’s her baby face…awwww….

102311 065

JW’s artsy pic:

102311 103

102311 112

Bye Pumpkin Patch, till Strawberry Season!!

102311 116

Monday, October 17, 2011

SewSusy back in business!

Eliana is my favorite model because she works for bombones (marshamallows) and Cookie Crisp cereal!!

Check out my shop to see the other Princess Purses!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Best wedding ever—continued

Eliana and Elijah had such a blast once they realized running together was more fun than hitting each other.

100211 086

100211 087

So glad Kim T was there!

100211 103

This is the moment Eliana cannot forget! The kiss! She can’t wait to marry now, great!

100211 117

Eliana’s first champagne glass. Just kidding! The ever-considerate bride and groom provided cider for kids and preggos alike.

100211 124

This is evidence of Eliana’s lack of nap. Sadly it is the last picture of her in her princess dress. It was itching her so bad we had to take it off, boo hoo!!!  We need to find a slip for that!!!

100211 131

Eliana was dancing before it was cool. That’s her flower girl shirt. But looking back I wish I had brought a more glamorous back-up outfit!  Her tutu skirt, at the least!!!

100211 141

Evidence that Kev can move when there is good reason to! And this union provided us with all the reason in the world to dance for joy!100211 142

Aside from the newly-minted Mr. & Mrs. Russell, the Little People ruled the dance floor.

100211 146

100211 155

100211 160

I love this picture! K & K’s passionate embrace and Eliana running circles around them- perfect!

100211 162

You may notice Eliana is not smiling in any of these pics. That’s because she is dancing on ‘auto-pilot’. She was completely fatigued!!! But the girl could not resist dancing anyway. Good thing her ballet fund is growing!

100211 163

Eliana, Kim and I left right before Kevin & Kelsie. I could not move anymore! JW was pooped from the Fable Fest so he actually left way before we did. I was so tired when I got home that I crashed in my purple dress right next to Eli in her big girl bed. Best wedding ever!!!! (aside from my own, as Kelsie pointed out)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Wedding Ever!—in pictures (part 1)

I had just gotten Eliana into her dress and we were waiting to walk out into the gardens! (Zilker Botanical Gardens)

100211 012

Besitos for good luck!

100211 014

Kelsie was radiant and gorgeous!!! Eliana has a Tootsie Roll in her mouth Smile

100211 015 Gotta see the shoes!  Bride and flower princess matched of course!

100211 023

And my 5 inch heels! At last Kelsie and I saw eye to eye Winking smile

100211 038

For once JW’s burnt orange matched a wedding! (The colors were purple and bevo orange) Lookin’ sharp!

100211 039

I am thankful JW is not a paparazzi by profession because we would starve to death!  But he was our Papa-razzi that day so sadly he didn’t quite get any good shots of Eli walking down the aisle because he was on the wrong side of her!!!  And if you notice the actual wedding photographer was not trying to get pics of Eli either! LOL!

100211 046

This is where we stood the entire ceremony. Behind the row of purple dresses and black tuxedos is where Eliana yelled defiantly: NO! I’M THE BEST FLOWER GIRL EDO! (ever) repeatedly!!!  Completely unprovoked. I have no idea why she started screaming that during the ceremony!!! I was mortified!!! I don’t have any memory of ever telling her that either. I’m pretty sure Ms. Sassy Pants came to that conclusion after her mad-petal throwing skills paved the way for Kelsie. But seriously!!!!

100211 052

Here is the lovely bride with her bro.

100211 054

I spent most of the ceremony trying to pay attention and scolding Eliana like this.  To the right of Eliana sat, Biff,  Kelsie’s grandmother. Who unfortunately was witness to all of Eliana’s shenanigans.

100211 059

Happiest 2 people in Austin on October 1st!

100211 062Finally the torture of watching Eliana misbehave in front of the whole wedding was over!  To the right is the lovely Kim Traylor! We were so happy to see her at the wedding! Most of all Eliana Smile

100211 075

More pictures tomorrow!