Friday, July 15, 2011

Summerfest 2011!

This was our 3rd year to go to Summerfest at HCBC and it was the best yet!  Eli is finally old enough to enjoy all the games and prizes!  She loved it!

071511 001

This is the “Milk a Cow” game, and if you know Eli you know how she feels about “milks”!

071511 007

And she was finally old enough to get her hair spray painted at the HCBC school’s booth.  At least I thought so!

071511 011

With her very own blue snow cone…

071511 014

At the Egg Toss, she kinda looks like a blue feathered chicken…

071511 019

And my favorite part…I mean JW’s favorite part, meeting Emmanuel Acho!  I gushed like a 6 year old as I tend to do around peeps I admire.  But he was totally nice!  In case you didn’t know, like Colt McCoy, this is one athlete not ashamed of his faith in Jesus.  You go Boy!  While JW and I were starstruck, Eli was completely unaware of who she had just Hi-Fived. She was very late for the Bouncy House…

071511 022

Games, prizes, sugary treats galore and a bouncy house, these are a few of her favorite things!  It was sad when we had to leave the “church party” but we promised Eli we would come back next year.  Did you ever see Eli happier?

071511 026