Thursday, November 24, 2011

Because one peasant dress is never enough…

The only thing better than finishing a dress is seeing Eliana enjoy it!

112411 121

After a bijillion pictures only Hattie was left…

112411 126

Eliana had so much fun with her cousins but she wasn’t being a princess to poor Finn in this pic. Thankfully Finn is a gentleman Smile

112411 136

The girls helped pick weeds for the centerpiece with Aunt Benna.

112411 057

Love this pic! Minus the “Eliana could have been electrocuted” part…

112411 156

Friday, November 18, 2011

Poofy Peasant Princess

Ever since Eliana requested I make her a Belle princess dress I have been trying to figure out how to do just that.   I wanted to make a rough draft dress because the yellow fabric I bought for Belle is too cute to risk messing up.

In all my sewing adventures I had never attempted the peasant dress.  All the elastic and casings intimidated me!  I found a great free pattern for the basic peasant top and sleeves. Click here for Bandy Canyon’s free pattern.  I used this pattern for my blueprint, then added an underskirt, and a top skirt with gathers and bows.

111811 042

This was my other inspiration for the dress:

I love the gathers and the bows! This is what the dress looks like without the poofy:
111811 002

And here is a closer look at the neckline and sleeves:

111811 008

The sleeves turned out super cute! But making the casing on them was hard because they are not in a straight line. Any tips on hemming a curved edge?? 

Eliana now has 2 homemade princess dresses! Judging by how much she loves them, I will be making princess dresses for the next year!  Yay!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Big Day!

Eliana was so excited to finally go trick-or-treating!! Thanks to some special effects, we got her dress super poufy!

103111 001

103111 006

103111 009

103111 012

Ever the charmer, Eliana requested a special picture with her and Kevin. Watch out Kelsie!

103111 013

It was fun to see Eli experience trick or treating in a new way this year. She got spooked at some of the scarier houses!

103111 028

Here’s the loot:

103111 029

And the sweetest newlywed couple ever!

103111 034

And as usual we got “treated” to Eliana’s dancing!

103111 037

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving!