Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The best thing about blowouts!

I get to take a bath! Ahhhh...

Tummy Time in the Tub!

Oh Poo! Is it over? The worst part of baths is when they're over. I cried and cried so dada sang to me. l love my dada!

My Cupcake Onesie

I had my very first blowout in this onesie my friend Cora gave me. And guess what? Last night mama put it on me because she said I'm outgrowing it. We were having so much fun hanging out watching dada play videogames when I went poopie! Mama smelled it and when she picked me up she noticed my back was all wet! Oopsie! What is it about my cupcake onesie that makes me do that?
That's Ms. Bunny my wrist rattle. I think she smelled it too! Time for a bath!

We joined HCBC today...but mami forgot her camera!

We joined our church on Sunday so mami dressed me so lovely in my pretty dress from my friend Riley and I even wore my Robeez for the 1st time! But I could not hold my poopy so I just let it all go during the new church member celebration! Foo-wee! Daddy said I was stinky. So mami went and changed me.

Unfortunately I got poopies on my pantyhose and my onesie so mami had to wash it all in the bathroom sink! Fortunately our church has a dryer so we left my clothes there and headed back. At least my dress was clean! So mama put me in my sling and we stood in front of all the church and I got to be on the big screen! So I waved hello to everyone.

It was so much fun, but mami grumbled all morning about not having the camera to take pictures of me so as soon as we got home mami was determined to get a picture of me in my new dress. Dada looked so handsome too!
But then I got hungy!

I tried to snack on dada's finger...


But nothing ever comes out of dada's finger so we had to stop taking pictures. Sorry mama!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I love Saturdays!

Guess how much I weigh now?

And a leggies and a leggies! Hey Missy that thermometer is cold!
Goodbye Dr.'s office! Im hungy!

Mami, isn't it lunch time?

I weigh 12 lbs. now!!!

I have a new game I play with mama...

Mami lays me down after I eat and then surprise! I spit up and get my hair all wet!!! Then mami washes my hair.... Yay! Bathtime again!

Gracias Abela!

My Bela gave me this top, I look cute!

We be slingin'!

Mama finally figured it out!

Pa-paa! I'm not a teddy bear you know!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Storms are Spooky!

Wednesday there was a huge storm that passed through Austin and papa and I watched it from the balcony.

Papa promised the lightning wouldn't get me!

God listens...so I pray...

please bless dada while he's at work...

Peace! We're out!

Dr. BG said mama is all better now!

Dr. BG

This is the Dr. who delivered me. She loved my hair...what else is new?

Say hello to my little friend!


I slept in the crib all night!

Tummy time is tough!

Do the Leggies!

This is my favorite dance! It's called Leggies and my dada made it up!

Not so itty bitty anymore!

Mama calls me her teensy weensy but here is proof I'm gettin' so big!
Mama I told you it doesn't fit anymore, take it off please!
This is me on my birthday with the same jammies!

I such a big gayl!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Taste of Round Rock!

Papa is so handsome!


Mama took me to the school where she works at, i felt like President Obama! Everyone wanted to touch me and hundreds of big kids ran towards me just to see me!

This is Kersy and Yari, they are in Kindergarten! They are sooo big!
Tia Kim's class...
Ms. Elsy, Ms. Sylvia, Ms. Delia and Ms. Dora in the office. Ms. Maria was too shy for a picture but she called me a 'chulada'. That made mama giggle.

This is Ms. Glick. She loved my hair...
Ms. Jill...

Ms. Tere...

Ms. Rojo's class...

Mr. Nungaray's class...the big boy on the left leaning towards me is Leo and on the right in the black hoodie is my 'tocaya' because she is also a Lizbeth! Mama did that on purpose cuz she loves her too :)

This is mama' class and Ms. Ruiz is her permanent sub, she is so sweet!

I had such a great time. Everyone was really nice but I'm not sure they remembered my name because everyone was calling me 'Preciosa', 'Hermosa', 'Chulada'...maybe they got me confused with another lil baby.

I don't like fast food!

Mama and papa keep trying to feed me greasy yucky stuff they call 'fast food' but why would anyone eat anything but mama's milk? Mama and papa sure do like it in the morning though. Here i am at papa's work, i love to visit him there!

Mama got bored...

So mami tried to sling me for the 100th time and since it didnt work...she decided to have a little fun, which i never mind, but this Mexican sash is not swaddle material mami!

I'm a big girl!

Mami let me sit in the grown up chair, yipee!