Monday, April 6, 2009

Me and Ms. Coco!

Mama and dada took me for an Easter photo shoot at Haute Baby. I posed with a bunny named Ms. Coco. The photographer didn't let mama take pictures during the shoot but here are some behind the scenes pictures! Mama dressed me in this jumper from Buela's friend, Marce.
I got my paci and my candy, Ms. Coco here I come! Here I am with Ms. Coco. She was a very friendly bunny. I loved her soft fur on my toes!

I told papa all about my photo shoot. He said I did great!
I needed lots of huggies afterwards, being in a photo shoot was hard work!
Dada can I please get a present since I worked so hard?

Yay! A new headband! Ooh, that dress is lovely..


  1. The last picture and caption are priceless :) Eliana, your mama looks great!

  2. Thiunks! I love her soft belly most of all!