Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mama's Birthday, Part 1

Mama and Dada love Terra Burgers because they are yummy and organic. Eat at Terra Burger! I like their sweet potato fries. We ate on campus...and there were many pigeons there. Oopsie! A pigeon went poopy on Dada's pelo! Mama said it was the best birthday ever!
Dada did not like pigeon poopy on his pelo.

Then we went playing in a courtyard!

There were millions of leaves for me!

Benches are not as fun as grass Mama.

Trees make me happy. I tore this branch off because it was so pretty. Can I have a tree in my room Dada?

I was very drooly this day, see my shirt?

I love leaves but I'm not greedy. Have a leaf Mama!

Mmm, they taste like dirt.

Campus was fun, but there were no babies!
Mami learned how to make boutique bows like this one! What do you think?


  1. Looks like y'all had a fun birthday!

    We had a great time today! Let's do it again soon!