Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eli’s (and mine’s) first SXSW

What on earth was I (a self-professed non-music lover) doing downtown today braving the massive crowds, the honking cars, the not so cool hipsters??

And what was Eliana (a little bitty kid) doing downtown in the midst of the massive crowds, the honking cars and the hipsters who walk out in front of cars like they are invisible!!??? Stink!

Very few people could draw me to the insanity of SXSW, here is one of the loveliest ones:

Love her!

I didn’t know whether I would get to borrow the car until today at noon!  So I was so excited to take Eli that I completely neglected to get the address of the place she was playing….big mistake.

I left Cedar Park 20 minutes before show time…big mistake.  I completely underestimated the parking situation for SXSW…big mistake.

We drove around for 20 minutes and I prayed and prayed, “Should I just give up and go home?”  I called JW to vent when suddenly a metered spot opened up right before my eyes!!! I parked on 5th street and headed to—the wrong bar!

I circled 5th, 6th and7th street on foot before I finally realized I should google the concert on my phone. Big mistake. I should have googled hours ago!!!!!  Did I mention I was carrying my 28 lb. big baby?  I carried Eli on my right hip, my left hip, my shoulders, with both arms and finally set her down.  I was sweating like a glass of ice cold water in the heat!  I…will…be….sore…tomorrow!  Did I mention I had insomnia last night and finally fell asleep at 2am?! 

I got lost so many times that I finally just found a cab and paid a small fortune to finally get to the Rusty Spur. However we arrived an hour late and unfortunately the concert was only an hour long because there are 13 million bands at SXSW!!!!!

Do you feel sorry for me and Eli now?  Don’t feel too bad.  Here is one of Brooke’s new songs:

She and her husband have moved from Australia (she is from New Zealand) to LA in order to pursue a pop career. I want her new CD!

I went into the Rusty Spur, nasty from sweat, exhausted with my child on my hip only to see that her show was done. The bouncer tried to card me but I told him, “I don’t drink.” I guess me slinging Eli around my hip convinced him I don’t, yay!

I was in denial that her show was over.  I thought, “Well maybe she’s hanging out after her show.” It was just a few minutes after 4!!!  She was not.

So just as I decided to trek back to our car, which may as well have been 10 miles away, who should I happen to spot hanging out by her band along the sidewalk?!!!   Brooke and her Hillsong United hubby, Scott Ligertwood!!!!!

I was star struck in the funniest way!!! I just kept saying, “Oh my gosh!!!” And looking at them both like, “Is it really them?”

They were really sweet! Her hubby offered to take our picture and thankfully we have 2 pics!!  Eli is wondering why her Mama is gushing like a geyser!!!DSC_0987


What a dream come true to meet her! I told her I loved her Hosanna song, what a goober!

She is also singing tomorrow night at the Hilton.  Hopefully tomorrow we will get to hear her sing!!

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart!  Psalm 37:4

Yes, meeting her was a desire of my heart Smile


  1. Omigoodness, what an ordeal! How are you feeling today?! I'm glad that God rewarded you for your patience and diligence!

  2. Thank you! My right arm was a little sore...yes God rewarded my effort and His grace made up for my dumbolocity :-)

  3. Downtown can be so frustrating when you are used to suburban life! I am super excited that you both got to meet her and take pictures together :)

  4. How have we been chatting and this not come up?!?! :) I love her Desert Song song :) So super cool you guys got to meet!!! Maybe we should drive up in June when she'll be performing again!