Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eli ♥s Reggaeton

For Mother’s Day we decided to take Eliana to the Splash Pad after her nap.  Whoa baby!  We didn’t expect to see the masses of people there! There was a family with a boom box blaring Reggaeton music and tons of children!! 

Even Eliana felt sheepish initially.

050811 043

Big Mama, Little Mama.

050811 048

Then Eli started to make friends. This little girl was so cute!! However, Eli was not pleased when Little Miss Cutie walked off to play elsewhere.  So what did Eli do?  Chase her down to inform her she had to return and play with her.  Of course, she was flatly ignored!

050811 064

And then the Reggaeton music took Eliana over. This girl got jiggy with some never before seen dance moves! 

This is the Marilyn Monroe.

050811 078

This one looks a little Michael Jackson-esque…??

050811 087

This is the Rising Sun.050811 088

JW and I were laughing hysterically at this point! 

This is the Karate Kid.

050811 092

This little mama can move!!!

050811 096


  1. Looks like "Dancing with the Stars!" may be in this little one's future. Very cute!