Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet Baby Elizabeth!

Eliana is one baby shy of becoming an Octo-Mom. Elizabeth is a bit of a charity case though. We found her at the Toys R Us moving sale without her box or accessories, not even a price tag!

Completely homeless and without a prayer. Her face was dirty and her tummy had a weird ♥ shape button.081511 058

Turns out Baby Elizabeth is the Hispanic “Baby Ah-Choo”!  When you turn her on and press her belly she sneezes and blows her nose and even speaks Spanish!  She is the perfect doll for Eli because Eli loves giving her babies medicine.  Let’s hope she doesn’t get slathered in Butt Paste like Baby Boy though!

081511 059

I feel confident in saying that Elizabeth was the best $3 we have ever spent on Eliana!  Doesn’t Elizabeth look so happy getting kissed by her new mommy?  We will be taking a new family portrait soon!

081511 064

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  1. Sweet picture of Eli and her baby Elizabeth.