Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Princess of the People

We are ready for Halloween and judging by the pace we have been living over here that is a good thing because it will be here in a blink!

But we are getting lots of wear out of our Cinder-Eli dress because I didn’t slave away for nothing!

092111 017

Eli got to wear her dress to my doctor’s appointment and true to Disney princess form, Eli walked around greeting everyone who so much as looked her direction. Of course most people fawned but there were a few who ignored her! But Eli just kept yelling, “Hi!” at them!

092111 020

092111 029


092111 040

Bidi bobbidy boom!


  1. Good job!! So cute how she greeted everyone at the doctor...very CinderEli like! Miss you! Hope you are having fun with the wee bitties!

  2. que hermosa mi princesa, te quiero tanto

  3. Haha her hair! I love it and look forward to seeing more pictures of her on Halloween. You'll be sure to get great pictures of her smiling with all her treats.