Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We joined HCBC today...but mami forgot her camera!

We joined our church on Sunday so mami dressed me so lovely in my pretty dress from my friend Riley and I even wore my Robeez for the 1st time! But I could not hold my poopy so I just let it all go during the new church member celebration! Foo-wee! Daddy said I was stinky. So mami went and changed me.

Unfortunately I got poopies on my pantyhose and my onesie so mami had to wash it all in the bathroom sink! Fortunately our church has a dryer so we left my clothes there and headed back. At least my dress was clean! So mama put me in my sling and we stood in front of all the church and I got to be on the big screen! So I waved hello to everyone.

It was so much fun, but mami grumbled all morning about not having the camera to take pictures of me so as soon as we got home mami was determined to get a picture of me in my new dress. Dada looked so handsome too!
But then I got hungy!

I tried to snack on dada's finger...


But nothing ever comes out of dada's finger so we had to stop taking pictures. Sorry mama!

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