Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Great-Granddad!

Eli had a very busy weekend traveling to Denison, Sherman, Fort Worth and then finally back home. I taught her how to sign ‘home’ a couple of weeks ago and I have been surprised by how often she has signed it. She signed it at Grandmother Jo’s house and then on the way to Fort Worth! Poor girl, she got homesick!

081410 081

At Granddaddy Keith’s big 90th birthday bash, I spent my time chasing Eli around, protecting her 15 month old cousin from getting swatted at by Eli and trying to protect Eli’s head from the floor as she went in and out of tantrums!  God makes babies cute for a reason!  Needless to say, this was not the highlight of the trip for me. But Grandmother Jo and I managed to break away and get manicures together!  I sense a family tradition in the making…

081410 014

We got treated to lunch in Fort Worth by Eli’s other Great-Granddaddy, Gene!  Joe T’s had good Mexican food and a couple of fountains, so naturally Tata got thrown in for a swim!  Where was Water Baby when we needed her?

081710 032

Here is a shot of the Hull/Cleveland clan, although Julia & Dan’s other 3 kids were missing because they were doing some traveling of their own.

081710 023


  1. Wow! Whirlwind weekend! Do you think that babies have some sort of sixth sense about when would be the most embarrassing time to throw a tantrum or misbehave? It seems like Cora is an angel UNTIL we are near other people. Let me know if you want to play this week.

  2. Her dresses are so cute as her sweet princess shoes :) Did you make the first dress, the flower print one? It's fit for a boutique! :)