Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Deceit

If you read this blog post, you are sworn to secrecy of the following information.  Shhhh! Eliana ate cauliflower today! How? You must be wondering. I don’t even eat cauliflower, yuck! Thanks to a wonderfully deceitful cookbook written by a mom for moms: Deceptively Delicious.  My first recipe out of it is Mac and Cheese.  However, hidden within the yumminess of the cheese is pureed cauliflower. Here is Eli at lunchtime:

082510 013

So far so good…

082510 019

Licking her fingers…

082510 020

Squealing with joy!! 

 082510 025

Mommies: 1  Babies: 0

082510 026

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