Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Splash Pad!

We’ve lived here since April and have only visited the Brushy Creek Splash twice!  The first time was a bust because there was a whole summer day camp there but now that the big kids have gone back to school, the splash pad has been reclaimed by the little kids! 

082710 007

Here is Cora, her mommy and Baby Carys in-utero!

082710 004

Eli enjoyed the water but not when it gushed out without warning!

082710 009

Baby Love does not get old!

082710 021

Eli kept running off to the grassy area behind the pad…without permission! She is Lil Miss Independent!

082710 038

Cora decided to keep Water Baby while her mother wandered about the park. Thanks Cora!

082710 030

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  1. That was fun! Maybe next time Cora will play in the water before 20 minutes til we leave!! See you tomorrow!