Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eli in Wonderland

Actually she was in Fable Fest but to a toddler every new place is a wonderland!  The Mad Hatter was her tour guide.

100910 002

A wide piece of eyelet from Aunt Benna’s treasures saved our apron from being too short and too plain! Providence!  The cotton candy was flowing at Fable Fest! 

100910 012

There was also face painters. Eliana knows make-up, or as she says “meh-meh'”.

100910 020

Eli found the White Rabbit thanks to the Mad Hatter and I kept her safe from the wicked Queen of ♥♥♥!

100910 022

Eliana embodied her character very well yesterday. She kept wandering around the park!  Maybe next year I will make myself a costume too!

100910 023


  1. That costume is fantastic! JW looks great as the Mad Hatter, too! I was wondering if you had dressed up. . .definitely next year.

    I think I may have convinced John to dress up as Steve from Blue's Clues to go with Cora's costume. Hee hee!

  2. Thanks!! It's hard to dress up when you're the family historian!! However I did make myself 2 blouses!!

  3. What a cute little Alice!!! Nice job!