Monday, October 4, 2010


Drum roll please….

100410 027

The Sassy Sisters!

100410 026

Thanks to Grace Violet and the thousands of peg dolls on etsy, I consumed my weekend with meticulously painting, decoupaging and gluing  a doll collection and house for Eli, spending quality time with family and friends.

Working on this craft project was a girlhood fantasy for me, a self-less endeavor to procure Eli with much needed dolls ;)

As with all of my craft projects, Eli pays a price! I worked on it during the TX/OU game so while Dada indulged his boyhood desires, Mama indulged hers and Eli toddled around complaining that no one was indulging her!

But now that I am finished Eli is enjoying my craftiness. She needs to learn to share! We were already fighting over the dolls this morning! I mean really, if there are 4 dollies there are dollies to spare! And so begins the training phase of the doll craft project…

100410 009

The house is one of Eli’s shoeboxes Mod-Podged with scraps of fabric.  The bed and sofa are made out of old James Avery jewelry boxes. Note to self: Always paint the boxes before decoupaging with fabric…

100410 018

The Sassy Sister are wondering where the kitchen is??? Sorry girls, if you don’t have a digestive system, I am not required to make you a kitchen!

100410 020

In my world, the woman was created first! What sort of mayhem will ensue from creating not just one woman first but 4?!  And ethnically diverse ones at that??? I’m glad I’m not the real Creator…Here are the Sisters naked as can be before receiving their designer Sew Susy outfits. I hope they are not gossiping about the Ethiopian-American peg doll. Not to self: always leave extra skin color paint in case I mess up the mouth.

100310 002

And here is the chaos behind the creativity.  Note to self: Do not underestimate the danger of the Exacto knife.  I need to make some peg men but men are boring to dress! Sew Susy does not make a lot of male outfits!  Now to switch gears back to sewing!  Not…ready…to…put…away…the….paints…..just….yet……!

100310 004


  1. Are you kidding?!?! This has to be your craziest project ever! :) LOVE the dolls! I'll try this when Abi is 10 - ha! I'm sure I'll have much more time then ;) So adorable!

  2. I agree with you! JW says only serial killers obsess over miniature models!!

  3. Those turned out SUPER cute!! I love the little house and furniture to go with them. When I get brave enough, I might try them. . .or maybe I'll just buy some from Sew Susy!!