Sunday, October 3, 2010

Babysitting Buddies

Last week I got to babysit Cora for MK! My biggest concern was to prevent a slapping fight between the two little angels. I’ve never seen Cora slap but a little birdie swears she does. And I know Eli is quite fond of slapping my face for no apparent reason…

For the most part the girls enjoyed each other’s company.  They were equally hypnotized by Baby Signing Time:092810 004

I decided to take the girls out to the park because in this weather it feels wrong to not go outdoors.  The stroller you see here is not a double stroller! Eli didn’t think so either so when I tried sitting her in front of Cora she threw the ugliest fit to date! (That is until today at Kohl’s)  I was able to keep her slaps away from Cora but the meltdown scared poor Coco!  I’m not sure how but after I explained to Eli what we were doing she miraculously calmed down and sat down!  Once en route, both were glad to be outside.

092810 006

I love tunnel pics!

092810 023

092810 017

Coco is quite the expert at the playground!  She probably slid down 30 times to Eli’s 2 times!! 

092810 026


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you again!! I'm so impressed that you were brave enough to venture out of the house. Coco had a great time, and now most times when we go somewhere, after I tell her where we're going, she adds "And see Miss Susy?" Love it!

  2. You are so welcome! Coco's behavior was good big girl modeling!

  3. Thanks for the pictures of Cora and Eli. They are so cute together.

  4. You are welcome Mema! They are cute together! Especially when they act the same!