Thursday, December 9, 2010

All stuffed up and nowhere to go!

Today was a sad, sad morning at the Smith home! We were supposed to have a big ole’ girly Christmas party, but Lil Miss E woke up with a fever so I had 6 sad phone calls to make.  Ana and I consoled ourselves with smoothies & gingerbread! 120910 032

However we could not console ourselves with the Gingerbread Shack! (I do not feel like making a second house before Monday) The orange Starburst on the right is the AC unit.

This is my first G-house so I kind of fudged the architectural dimensional mathematical configurations and calculations!  Maybe next year I will let JW participate more…

120910 025

Ani did not eat very much lunch but thank God she did sleep a lot during nap time!120910 045

If you happen to drive down our little white-picket fence street after dark, this is what you might see: taaaadaaaa!120910 061

(You will probably not see the squiggly lines)  JW and I have big plans to add on more lights year after year.   By the time Eli is in high school our house may be the neighborhood freak show!  More pics on that later!!!

120910 056

This is one of my fave ornaments. It is by a very gifted and obscure artist named Kena, aka my sis!

120910 065

And this is the staple, Sword & Rock ornament! 

120910 067


  1. I hope that Eli is feeling much better. What a bummer to have to cancel a party!

  2. Susy, I was wondering how you were doing, so I wanted to stop by the blog! Eliana has gotten so big! I miss you girls, so maybe we can have a playdate with my boy? Hope all is well and that you and your family have great holidays!