Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We started off our Christmas festivities right! We got to go to HCBC’s Christmas eve service for the first time! It was beautiful. Eli got to go to the stage to sing with all the other kiddos.

122610 017

Here is Eli & Dada with their candle. Eli is NOT holding a match! It is someone else’s candle behind her.  She is holding a cracker, but it sure looks very pyro doesn’t it?

122610 021

Behold! All the candles are lit up!

122610 023

Lovely family pic thanks to our gracious friend Sol, who just happened to be at the right place at the right time to be our photog!

122610 036

The service was so beautiful and jam-packed! The snow at the end is a very generous addition to an already beautiful service!  I ♥ HCBC!

Three hours later we were at my parents house for dinner. Here is the Kid Table. Eli got to eat with her best (only) first cousins in the whole world! Abigail the Brazilian baby model and Edson, the Sweetest 4 year old boy we know!

122610 043

Here is a Piña/Gentile/Smith family picture!

122610 048

Speaking of models, here is my Sis modeling my first Ezer sling. I’m naming it Ezer because Jehovah Ezer means, God my Helper and I prayed for His Help the entire time I made that bag!! Particularly since I made it the night before!!  The pattern is by Amy Butler and she calls it the Birdie Sling... She is an awesome pattern writer!

122610 050

Here is Kena with JD. She is holding her creations: An embroidered piña pillow she made for my mom & a family portrait she painted for our bro. We got one too. She is so talented!

122610 066

Here is Eli gettin' down in the playroom!

122610 068

Here is AbiGirl being gorgeous!

122610 058

And Kim posing next to her delicious tres leches cake!

122610 065

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fun time. Love the pic of Eli and her lit match!