Friday, December 10, 2010

Pain, Paletas & Park

Eli got a purple owie in the bath today. You may now cry.  I was asking her to put her hair under the shower and she lost her balance and somehow her left eyelid bit it on the side of the tub.  I felt awful!  But thank God my freezer is stocked with smoothie pops or as Eli says, “Pah?”.  (In Spanish popsicle is ‘paleta’.)  As soon as I promised her a ‘paleta’ the tears magically vanished but the owie did not!

121010 002

Eliana is learning to pose for pics!

121010 003 

Thankfully the paleta was both the medicine & the reward for her pain. One went in the mouth and the other on the eye!

121010 005

The weather was so beautiful this afternoon that it would have been a sin to NOT go outside!

121010 018

I love this pic! If Eliana’s pockets are the eyes…can you see a happy face?

121010 020

How frustrating to be too little for something!

121010 029

The tunnel never gets old!

121010 039

What could top going to the park? Coloring!  Let this picture be evidence of Eli’s naughty nature. She is not supposed to be coloring the table!!! 

121010 068

And this picture is evidence of her loving nature!  She is coming around the table to share her palomitas with me!  What tops paletas, the park & coloring?  Making Kena’s famous stovetop popcorn recipe! Nummy!

121010 073


  1. I see someone got her art table!! Poor Eli and poor mama. . . I know that owie was really traumatic for you, too. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. We have cookies and jammies all ready!