Monday, February 14, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Here is part of AK’s opening ceremony. Minnie is showing us the checklist for what we need to enjoy AK.

020511 423

JW went straight for Safari fast passes and Eli and I went to Dino-Rama which we had all to ourselves!

020511 427

We were one of two Mommy-Kiddo pairs on the Dino ride.  We even got to go for a second ride!

020511 426

Dino USA is made with little kids in mind. Eli loved surveying the grounds.

020511 439

In a couple of years I want to come back and take this same picture to show how big she has gotten!

020511 440

Goodbye Dino USA, onto Asia!

020511 441

This is Everest, it contains a pee-in-the-pants rollercoaster & a frightening Yeti!

020511 446

I love this pic but I’m not sure what she is looking at…

020511 460

A reassuring besito before our Wild Safari!

020511 466

I loved the safari! It was educational and exciting! And of course it was very exciting to see the animals!

020511 501

Eli and I were pretty mystified the whole time by the wildlife or as she calls it, “Wild Animal Baby”. The ride is intentionally rocky and unfortunately JW’s belly was recovering from the Everest roller coaster so he didn’t love the ride as much.

020511 504

Here is Dumbo’s mommy.

020511 512

And this is not a lion, it is a “Meow-Meow Rowr!”

020511 521

And here is my best impression of our friend in the background. AK has a huge man-made tree that has tons of animals carved in it. This ape is just one. We are waiting to see the show inside of the tree. I can’t  remember the name but it’s all about bugs.

020511 537

The show was very cute and smelly!  They had a stinkbug toot into the audience and we could actually smell the stink!  Eli later demonstrated the stinkbug ‘dance’ for some strangers to our hilarity!  Here are the 3D glasses we wore for the show:

020511 544

That’s the fake tree in the back!  I enjoyed AK way more than I thought I would.  The last ride we did was the Dinosaur one where we travelled back in time to try and bring back a dinosaur. It was so scary to be in the midst of grumpy dinosaurs!!  After that we had conquered Animal Kingdom!  Although next time we go there will definitely be things we never got to see!

020511 547