Monday, February 7, 2011

Disney trip: Day 1 (Travel day)

Hello Austin! I have mixed feelings about missing the snow. I wanted to go to Disney World and yet I also love snow…I guess my conclusion is, “How can I complain I  missed out on the snow?”   When we got home our thermostat read: 54 degrees! I thought I was being smart turning off our heater before leaving!  It’s not everyday our house is colder than the outside temperature!  I hope to blog our trip this week, one post per day, so here goes!

This me and Eli just before landing in Orlando. She slept for about an hour on the plane, woo hoo!


This was our view from our seat aboard the “Magical Express” that took us from the airport to Disney World!!!

020511 006

Here is Eli and Dada.

020511 008

And behind my silly face is our hotel entry. We stayed at Disney’s POP Century! The most affordable, most populated, most furthest from the Magic Kingdom hotel!  We loved it, however our room could have been a bit larger!

020511 015

As soon as we got to our room, we changed clothes and headed off to Epcot. Here is Eli running down the walkway to catch our bus.

020511 018

Here is the must-do pic in front of Epcot. JW said, “It’s smaller than I thought it would be.”  LOL!  I’m not sure how big Dub thought it should have been…

020511 024

Here are Dub & Eli exiting the Living Seas (Nemo) ride.  Eli is pictured coughing. Her cold got worse before it got better. Our first night she was coughing and snotty! Poor thing.

020511 031

This was Dub’s favorite show because it featured one of his top favorite characters, Crush, the turtle dude.

020511 032

Here is Eliana getting her boogey on to the music of Illuminations (the Epcot fireworks show). There was a lady in front of her egging her on saying, “Be free!”

020511 045

Eli got pretty wild at night especially if there was music involved.  Most people were charmed by her extreme extrovert personality but not everyone! Sorry Eli!    We got home way too late our first night because after the fireworks everyone was trying to board a bus back to the hotel!

020511 046


  1. Yayayayay!! Disney pics. Looks like you had a good flight and first day! Was it really crowded? AAHH!! Too many questions to ask you. . . I'm just going to have to call you later to get the scoop first hand. Can't wait to read more and see more pictures!

  2. Yes I will tell you all! Since it is the value season right now it wasnt bad. And we did pretty good thanks to Tour Guide Mike!

  3. I am so glad you still got to go! I cannot wait to see more pics :)