Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day Funeral

We took Eli to the park yesterday after church. Then my mom met us and we came home unknowingly without my phone.

When I realized my phone was missing I was in denial that it was in the park. I don’t remember it falling out of my pocket.

My phone is nearly 3 years old but as quickly as technology ‘improves’, my phone is like 30!  In dog years that’s like 60!  Poor phone, I had no idea it would die such a violent death.

When we left the park there was a group of elementary school-aged boys playing with rocks.  JW even commented that they were up to no good. I think it’s fair to say my senior citizen phone died at the hands of those naughty boys!

The down side: I didn’t get to say ‘good-bye'.  I didn’t use it until ‘the wheels fell off’. And the worst of it all, I have to spend all day researching phone companies!!! Any suggestions? If you love your phone company/plan, give me a holler! 

Oh wait, one more worst thing. Did you notice there is no sim card pictured below?  That’s right my entire address book is gone. So feel free to go ahead and email  me your tel. number because I will be sending out a MASS email asking for your phone number soon!

The UP side: I get a new phone. Whoop-dee-doo.  An empty phone with no numbers!! I have exactly 3 phone numbers memorized:  JW’s, my parents’ land line & 911!

021411 005

So long Nokia phone, you rarely ever dropped my calls.  However you were so small you always fell out of my hands and in between my ear and shoulder.  Thank you for letting me tape you to my chest for old'-fashioned ‘hands-free’ usage.  Thank you for taking newborn pictures of Eliana in the hospital when I was bed-ridden.  Thank you for playing my songs and recording Eliana’s baby cooing.  Thank you for returning to me after I lost you on a weekly basis.  Thank you for helping me have really great conversations with the people I love for the past 3 years!  You will be missed!  Especially until I get a new phone. (Sniffle, sniffle)

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  1. Let this be a lesson to Eli, Cora, and Carys: boys are bad news!! lol! Sorry about your phone. Did you get your new one?