Thursday, April 7, 2011


My parents visited us this Sunday and we took Eli to Lakeline mall.  Much to their surprise, Eli decided to rename them!  They are now called, “Abu-lala” and “Abu-lalo”, respectively.

As usual, Eli found a love in every store! Here she is with Crush #1: big fluffy dog.

040311 005

Disney store was the most challenging ! We had to call in the Dada Patrol!

040311 017

Here is Eli waaaay past her nap….

040311 019

Unfortunately our camera was acting up so I didn’t get a pic with her and Abu-lalo, but here is the evidence that Abu-lalo was definitely around.

040311 021

Sheer bliss!

040311 027

040311 031


  1. I <3 big fluffy dog, too!! I love the pic of Eli and the drumstick in her adirondack chair. She looks like a little teenager!