Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Strawberry Patch 2011

Eliana knows when she is on a stage!

041811 010

Here are her adoring fans: Peter Wabbit

041811 012

And Hattie!

041811 013

After lunch, we are ready to pick!  We were so early we actually waited in line to be the first cars to be let in! That’s a first!

041811 017

Eli is getting Gardening 101 from Hattie.

041811 020

Nothing like a dirt-covered “sta-bee”

041811 024

041811 041

Getting tickled by a goat!

041811 046

The loudest and least comfortable ride ever! LOL!! Not for Eli though! I really think Eli’s fave color is blue. I asked her which color she wanted and she chose blue! She always seems to pick blue. Smile 

041811 050

Next barrel ride, remind me to wear padding!

041811 054


  1. That looks like great fun. Hope the strawberries are good!

  2. How fun! Did you make that dress? Adorable! Is that Sweet Berry Farms? Looks like you guys had a great day!