Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tea for Two!

Eli got her first fully functioning tea set yesterday! All this means is that we can actually pour liquids out of the teapot, not that we will be putting any liquids into her tea set any time soon!! After a good Elmo/Princess/Color bubble bath, Eliana was ready for High Tea!  And who better to teach her proper teatime etiquette than Dada Penningsworth!

040611 001

Notice her concentration and determination to learn the skill of pouring tea!

040611 003

Voila! She mastered pouring tea without spilling!  Let her English ancestors rejoice!  I wonder how many tea parties I will attend today…..

040611 004


  1. Yay for tea parties! JW plays the part really well!

  2. I loved having tea parties with my mother, my daughter and now my granddaughters. It is just too much fun! I hope that you have as much fun with your daughter.