Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Best wedding ever—continued

Eliana and Elijah had such a blast once they realized running together was more fun than hitting each other.

100211 086

100211 087

So glad Kim T was there!

100211 103

This is the moment Eliana cannot forget! The kiss! She can’t wait to marry now, great!

100211 117

Eliana’s first champagne glass. Just kidding! The ever-considerate bride and groom provided cider for kids and preggos alike.

100211 124

This is evidence of Eliana’s lack of nap. Sadly it is the last picture of her in her princess dress. It was itching her so bad we had to take it off, boo hoo!!!  We need to find a slip for that!!!

100211 131

Eliana was dancing before it was cool. That’s her flower girl shirt. But looking back I wish I had brought a more glamorous back-up outfit!  Her tutu skirt, at the least!!!

100211 141

Evidence that Kev can move when there is good reason to! And this union provided us with all the reason in the world to dance for joy!100211 142

Aside from the newly-minted Mr. & Mrs. Russell, the Little People ruled the dance floor.

100211 146

100211 155

100211 160

I love this picture! K & K’s passionate embrace and Eliana running circles around them- perfect!

100211 162

You may notice Eliana is not smiling in any of these pics. That’s because she is dancing on ‘auto-pilot’. She was completely fatigued!!! But the girl could not resist dancing anyway. Good thing her ballet fund is growing!

100211 163

Eliana, Kim and I left right before Kevin & Kelsie. I could not move anymore! JW was pooped from the Fable Fest so he actually left way before we did. I was so tired when I got home that I crashed in my purple dress right next to Eli in her big girl bed. Best wedding ever!!!! (aside from my own, as Kelsie pointed out)

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