Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Wedding Ever!—in pictures (part 1)

I had just gotten Eliana into her dress and we were waiting to walk out into the gardens! (Zilker Botanical Gardens)

100211 012

Besitos for good luck!

100211 014

Kelsie was radiant and gorgeous!!! Eliana has a Tootsie Roll in her mouth Smile

100211 015 Gotta see the shoes!  Bride and flower princess matched of course!

100211 023

And my 5 inch heels! At last Kelsie and I saw eye to eye Winking smile

100211 038

For once JW’s burnt orange matched a wedding! (The colors were purple and bevo orange) Lookin’ sharp!

100211 039

I am thankful JW is not a paparazzi by profession because we would starve to death!  But he was our Papa-razzi that day so sadly he didn’t quite get any good shots of Eli walking down the aisle because he was on the wrong side of her!!!  And if you notice the actual wedding photographer was not trying to get pics of Eli either! LOL!

100211 046

This is where we stood the entire ceremony. Behind the row of purple dresses and black tuxedos is where Eliana yelled defiantly: NO! I’M THE BEST FLOWER GIRL EDO! (ever) repeatedly!!!  Completely unprovoked. I have no idea why she started screaming that during the ceremony!!! I was mortified!!! I don’t have any memory of ever telling her that either. I’m pretty sure Ms. Sassy Pants came to that conclusion after her mad-petal throwing skills paved the way for Kelsie. But seriously!!!!

100211 052

Here is the lovely bride with her bro.

100211 054

I spent most of the ceremony trying to pay attention and scolding Eliana like this.  To the right of Eliana sat, Biff,  Kelsie’s grandmother. Who unfortunately was witness to all of Eliana’s shenanigans.

100211 059

Happiest 2 people in Austin on October 1st!

100211 062Finally the torture of watching Eliana misbehave in front of the whole wedding was over!  To the right is the lovely Kim Traylor! We were so happy to see her at the wedding! Most of all Eliana Smile

100211 075

More pictures tomorrow!


  1. I love your dress! (and heels!)
    Eliana looked wonderful and the wedding looked so fun!

  2. Yay! I was hoping you would post pics of the wedding! Looks like it was beautiful!