Sunday, October 30, 2011

Girls’ Weekend!

Since the men in our lives decided to ditch us for doves, we decided to have our own fun!  We celebrated Halloween in the sweetest way imaginable: cookie party!

103011 002

Eliana is a very talented taste tester…

103011 005

She worked on her sprinkle allocation skills…

103011 009

and chocolate dipping….

103011 030

but taste testing is her fave skill by far!

103011 031

Piping is so hard!

103011 036

After the gobs of sweets we made, we reverse trick or treated Hattie’s friend and neighbor.

103011 041

And were surprised by a goodie bag! Thanks Cathy!

103011 050

Eliana also painted and decorated a pumpkin for Hattie.

103011 061

After dinner we were treated to a show by CinderEli herself:

103011 083

Thank goodness Hattie had lipstick on hand for our star…

103011 092

By 10 o’clock, Eliana was showing no signs of stopping. Poor Hattie got to be a play gym!

103011 100

Here is Eliana’s encore performance before crashing in 2 seconds flat:

103011 124

After we read stories in bed, Eliana laid on her pillow paralyzed by fatigue, closed her little eyes and was out!

We are crafted and cookie-d out! Yay Girls’ Weekend!


  1. mmmmm! Sounds like a fun time!

  2. What a great idea - a cookie party. Looks like Eli loved all of it. Cute pics!