Friday, March 26, 2010

Eliana's First Steps! (click on 'walk' to see vid)

Hattie and I had been praying for Eliana to walk before not because we were trying to be cute about the Resurrection!

But rather because Hattie gave Eliana a lovely grey linen dress for Christmas to wear for Easter and I did not want Eli to drag that lovely dress all over the church nursery!

Today our prayers availed! However before we prayed this prayer, JW and I had prayed a loooong time ago that Eli's first steps would be witnessed by both of us!

We prayed that when Eli was just months old because when JW went back to work after his paternity leave, he realized there would be much he would miss while at work. So we've prayed and prayed that he would not miss this milestone.

This afternoon JW came home and we were all sitting in the living room (along with walls of moving boxes...). We had a coral reef documentary on tv when all of a sudden Eliana, with Tata in hands, took several steps!!! We were taken by complete surprise!

However anyone that knows Eliana would NOT be surprised to know that Tata had to be included in this momentous occasion. She likes to hold Tata in her hands, over her head, as if making Tata dance.

Who knows what Eli was thinking when she stepped out holding Tata over her head...the footage on the link is JW and I trying to recreate what she did and a jellybean may or may have not been used to 'encourage' more steps...;)


  1. Yay!! Way to go, Eliana. Naturally, fashion is a great motivator! After you guys get moved and settled, we should go to the indoor playground I blogged about with the girls.