Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eli's new skill

Guess what Eli learned to do? Open my lipsticks! Eliana and I had a good run with the whole 'playing with Mama's purse' thing but Tuesday it became clear it was over.

I was on the phone with her Tia with what, in baby time, was probably years so when I got off the phone with Tia Kim and looked over at Eli, this is what I saw:

Well, not exactly because first I had to run to get the camera when I found her covered in lipstick then I had to stop laughing long enough to even take a picture! In my cosmetics bag were (thank God!) 2 lipsticks. Sparkling Punch & Dahlia. I happen to collect lipsticks and glosses like some people collect baseball caps, so even though I have more lipsticks than I can count, each one is dear to my heart!

Apparently, Origins lipsticks also taste good. It must be the mint flavoring!

My ever-resourceful and increasingly curious Kitten found that if she stuck her finger in Mami's lipstick tube, she could eat it much faster. Yu-cko!

Though I am bummed that Eli can no longer play with my lipsticks (she would sit and play with one forever) and that she made a mess she could not possibly clean up herself! I was reminded of God's grace in all the chaos! Eliana ate Sparkling Punch. Even though I love Sparkling Punch, Dahlia is much more important to me! On Monday night when I shared my life story at church with a million people (ok like 100)I boldly wore Dahlia, a bright red, in defiance to the fear and anxiety I felt at the thought of standing on stage. Surely an Angel of Grace guarded that lipstick from Eli's prying fingers so I could continue to wear it in remembrance of my big day! God wanted me to learn a lesson about Eli's freedoms but He is so sweet and kind that He spared the red!

Naughty Tata got in on the lipstick feast too. The pink lipstick tube is Dahlia, proudly standing untainted by toddler hands!

Here is a close-up of what is left of my dearly departed Sparkling Punch.


  1. Clearly, Tata is a bad influence on Miss Eli! Sweet baby Eli would never have thought of doing that on her own!! ; )

  2. Sparkling Punch actually looks good on Eli! And its name describes her personality so well too :)