Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love waits

I took Eliana to Zilker park on Sunday but in the whirlwind of getting a contract for our home I have been a little busy for the joys of blogging. But if I dont post these pics tonight, I never will.

But before I lavish your weary eyeballs with pictures of the Queen of Gorgeousity, Eliana Liz, let me tell you about the worst 10 minutes of my day today.

I dread meal times. Let me just say that many times Eliana chooses to fling her food instead of eating her food. Enough said. Today at lunch I was giving her a total 'baby meal' (yogurt, cereal, milk, pureed fruit), which she is a little big for, I think? And even that she was refusing to eat!

She went into full-blown rebellion mode and gave me a very un-gorgeous temper tantrum. I was very frustrated because I had a big burrito from Torchy's to devour and Lil Miss did not realize how much I enjoy eating Torchy's burritos. Sigh.

I felt God say, "Wait." So I waited and made 4 more attempts at feeding her. After that I was going to give in out of frustration and just let her go play but I stopped because I heard a very tiny voice from Heaven say, "Love is patient."

So I sat back down and ate more burrito. After a few more minutes of kicking, rocking the high chair and more drama, she stopped. It was a total of 10 minutes!

I asked her if she wanted 'more' food and she signed 'more' as if nothing had ever gone wrong!! Sigh. One small victory for Mami, one giant leap towards agape love.

It's official, the hardest part of my job right now is feeding Eliana. It's unpredictable, stressful and yet absolutely necessary.

Maybe the real reason I am staying up late right now and posting these pictures is because I need to remind myself that there is more to raising her than waiting out temper tantrums.

Here is Eliana treating her Ta-ta like I treat her, however, I close my mouth! Eli has yet to master the peck, but she's totally got the french kiss down!

This is only the 2nd time Eli has ridden in a swing. Here she is NEAR...

and FAR

Ta-ta asked if she could go swinging too.

Just the two of us

Ta-ta sees trouble brewing

I don't know what it is, but I love it!

The question is: will both of us get time-outs for this?

Miss Gorgeousity has a blue baby beard

Eli hears an avion

Eli sees a conejito! Not really but it's fun to make bunny ears

I am at the mercy of Miss Sticky Fingers!

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