Thursday, March 25, 2010

This was her first Rodeo!

One small, happy family

Eli came equipped with her very first pair of cowgirl boots!

First mustardy-corny dog. Just wait till you taste Fletcher's!

Eli was not so trusting of the fake plush horse-man...

However she loved her pony ride.

Eliana loved the petting zoo!! Until a goat licked her never occurred to her that goats have tongues too. After that she was pretty nervous in there!

Dada thought the petting zoo would be the place of her 'first steps' NOT!

Clearly llamas have no photo etiquette! Scene stealer!

Unfortunately we didn't see many rabbits. But we did find the award-winning rabbits caged up! Eli loved seeing the rabbits and once we move we will take her to Tomlinson's to see all their lovely conejitos!


  1. Those boots are so stinkin cute. . .as is the little diva wearing them! Thanks for the invitation to the gorgeousity club! Cora accepts!

  2. LOVE her boots! Cute pictures :)