Monday, April 5, 2010

Closing Time

A grueling 12 hour day of non-stop moving miscellaneous mischief! I should be sleeping to rest up for another crazy moving day but if I don't blog now...when?!

JW learned today that Eliana does not get tired of being out and about. She did take cat naps and had a couple of meltdowns but the child loves being out!

By a provision only God could have done, JW took this week off from vacation last year not knowing we would be moving into our house! I honestly don't know how else this move would have been possible had he not been off of work!

We started the day doing more packing. I feel like for every box we pack, some invisible troll unpacks another box so we never finish!!

On the way to our home purchase, after our home sale Eli could no longer resist a nap in the car. She definitely had a nap-where-you-can kinda day!

Once she woke up she was feeling pretty good! Do you see a boardroom future for Eli??

This is signature number 349 of the day!

This is our photo-op signing...if only it took just one simple signature! However it did make me feel very important to have to keep signing and signing and signing away!

A little bribing at Home Depot...Alamo Title had some delicious chocolate gold coins! I underestimated both Eli's scavenging and smelling skills. I gave it to her while I tried picking paint colors only to find her covered in chocolate minutes later! Those gold coins are hard to open but not for a precocious toddler! Unfortunately when I had to take it away she had a 2 minute melt-down! But she was ready to giggle soon after! Lord, help me remember meltdowns pass!

5 o'clock: We got the keys, praise God!

Like any resourceful mother, I had JW pack the laptop and Finding Nemo! It worked pretty well! I cleaned her playroom and JW installed the gate. Tomorrow I hope to buy the playroom rug so she can be free to play there while we move-in!

Here is a pic of our dining/kitchen. We decided against that yellow on the wall and are going for a more goldish color.

And here is Eli giving in to her fatigue. Poor girl! We got home around 10 o'clock!!! Day One of MOVE-IN WEEK complete!

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  1. So excited for you! Can't wait to see your house!