Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eliana Shortcake

We have moved!!! I am spending most of my day packing and hearing Eli fall down! Eli has fallen down the stairs, off a bed, off the couch and has 3, that's right THREE very ugly bruises.

At first it was kinda funny and ridiculous because she was not this accident prone in our condo. But thankfully two friends pointed out yesterday that, HELLO!, she needs time to adapt to the new house!!! Duh! She was very whiny yesterday and thanks to this wise insight, I realize that it's probably her way of saying, "Where are we and where is my house?"

So today I am giving her more playpen time to get used to her new surroundings and of course more hugs and Mami-time! This weekend we visited Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls with Eli's grands.

We had to wake Eli up when we got to the strawberry farm because it was her nap time. But ever the good sport, she was ready for action!

Walking through the Strawberry Patch. When we return for blackberry season I have sworn to put Eli in a white t-shirt that she can get as messy as possible instead of freaking out over her normal clothes. Then she will have a 'blackberry tie-dye' shirt.

Thanks Tia Kena for my Strawberry Shortcake hat!

Strawberry Monster- if it's called 'berry' Eli will eat it!

Strawberry Loot! FYI be careful when you go a pickin' because each box you fill is like $15!

She doesn't understand why we are on the side of the road, but she loves it anyway!

It was very windy! This is the best picture we took on our camera, hopefully Hattie got some better ones where you can actually see Eli's face!

Till next time Grandaddy!

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