Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dancing Queen

Last Saturday we took Eli to the 3rd wedding of her life! JW and I have known Darin and Meleah for a while now and it was great to see them make it official! Eli got the whole experience. Meleah coordinated a kids' room so we left Eli there during the reception but then we picked her up for the par-tay...of course! Eli delighted herself (stuffed her face) in the cheese bar since there was tons of berries for her grubby hands. Lil Miss did not seem to mind her manners! Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures since I had my hands full!

There was a costume photo booth at the wedding and I will try and scan those pics into the blog because they are really cute! We also let Eli enjoy the wedding M&Ms, she had both of the wedding cakes and of course she danced the night away.

Here is Hattie doing her best to keep Eli off the beautiful table.

Her first dance of the night was with Grandaddy. They danced to Brown Eyed Girl, how fitting!

Dancing with Dada

I wonder what song made Eli this happy?

Dancing with my girlie!

Here is Tio Taylor and a ready for night-night Eli. I'm glad we changed her out of her pretty dress because by the time we got her home she was so fast asleep not even a tornado would have woke her up! Two weeks till the next wedding...

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  1. How fun! Who would've thunk that sweet Eli was such a party animal?! ; )