Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let me be a Girly!

This week I learned just how much of a girly-girl Eligirl is! To my delight, so far she wants to be just like me! And that includes spending lots of time in front of the mirror! Just kidding! But let's face it, make-up application and blow-drying takes forever!!! Anyway, even though Eliana owns 5,348 toys and has 2 rooms in our new house all devoted to her, she would much rather be all up in her Mama's business. Praise God!

The deal we struck was simple yet genius...I let you mess with my make-up and you let me put curlers in your pelo...it worked!

She is especially adorable when she uses my cherished make-up brushes on her cheeks! By the way, these brushes are great!!! I got them at Walgreens and they work wonders. I am very tempted to buy Eli her own kit of brushes, but I have a feeling she likes these because they are mine...

Being a Girly-Girl is more fun when there's another Girly-Girl standing next to you, or in this case, in front of me stealing my mirror and make-up!


  1. Super cute! I like the one where she is smiling in the mirror. Cora likes to use my old makeup compacts and gaze in the mirror, too!

  2. Cute pics! How great that you have your very own girly-girl! I have a feeling Abigail is going to prefer to follow her big bro everywhere and will end up skinned knees and bruises rather than shiny lips and rosy cheeks. But I'll try anyways :)

  3. Do~na Florinda?

    Laura Ellis