Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Eli and I have been super busy this week with hosting a Back Yard Bible Club for the first time.  Eli will technically be eligible to participate in 3 years but why should that stop us serving God and hosting?  Today was Water Day!

In case you have noticed the teens laying on the ground behind Eli, yes they are being water boarded…by Kindergarteners no less.

071410 050

With all the commotion and excitement Eli has decided that this week her favorite word is, ‘Mama?’  She has been toddling around all day, long after the BYBClubbers have gone home calling out my name.  It was cute the first 56 times. Just kidding, I’m loving it!  Thanks for taking our pic Hill!

The tragic thing about this pic is that my post-pregnancy hair is beyond help!  I am way past Baby Bangs, I am sporting a full-on Baby Hawk…

God, I know mothering is a beautiful thing but why the hair?!  It’s not like I can cover up my pelo!

071410 132

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun! I'm sad that we missed it.

    I hear ya 'bout the hair issues. I totally agree that the baby bangs get worse, not better with time!