Thursday, July 15, 2010

She earned it!

This is Eli’s first day of earning ‘The Naughty Spot’.  Throwing shredded cheese at lunchtime is not ok with me. 

At this point ‘The Naughty Spot’ feels like a fun game we are playing… The goal right now is to keep her sitting down in the corner but it is so pitiful and ridiculous to keep telling her to sit down in the Naughty Spot because she is 17 months old!

I want to laugh when I walk her over and explain why we are doing all this.  I say, “Sit down” and it really makes me laugh that she actually knows what I mean and does it…for a few seconds.  Then I set the microwave timer for 70 seconds because I feel that is appropriate for her age.  Then she sits there and plays with the spider in the corner or tries to stick her finger in the outlet or tries to get up and walk away.

Finally the microwave timer goes off and I make a big celebration and tell her she is such a good girl!!  See why this all feels like a silly game??  Even in the Naughty Corner, Eligirl is workin’ it!

071510 008

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  1. She does look a little guilty in the picture! Glad it's working. We're having a battle of wills here today, too. Today must be the day for earning our mom stripes!