Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Cost of Couture

This post could also be titled: Dada’s Heart Attack, The Naughty Spot Stays Warm All Day, etc

This week at the Smith household there is a mini-sweatshop being run out of the dining room/kitchen. I am the boss, employee and custodian. Unfortunately Eliana does not like my long hours.

Next week I will be fasting from sewing and if you know me at all, you understand why.

Since Eli is not accustomed to my sewing downstairs she wants to know all about the family business.  Here she is after pawing my thread holder down from the table and on to her curious little head!  It irritated me because I have a deadline!  But after a few pictures and some laughs we both picked all the threads and bobbins up. She was exceedingly happy to help.  As precocious as she is, she always loves to help!

07281 021

This is the incident that would have sent JW over the moon.  I was happily finishing project #3 when Eli went quiet and I started to hear…s-p-l-a-s-h-i-n-g.  I thought, “Oh, she’s spilled her milk again.”  No. It was way worse than that:

07281 035

She was splashing about and bathing her baby in the  milk!  It got on the cushion, the couch, the floor, her puzzles, and then she grabbed my phone and dipped it too!  However, by Divine Intervention (because God ♥s Eliana) she also pressed the music button on my phone and on came, “Hallelujah” by Michael W. Smith.  A not so subtle reminder to discipline with ♥!  I walked her to the Naughty Spot and cleaned up. When she had done her time she helped clean up and we were off to a bath!  Bath time always puts life in perspective!

07281 040


  1. Wow...I'm dumbfounded! And milk is sooo not a fun liquid to clean up! :( She looks cute tho!

  2. Oh no!!! Sewing mamas deal with all sorts of mayhem, huh?!? I hope you were able to get your projects done anyway!

  3. looks familiar! ;) I have two boys who STIL spill milk!! Your little one is so cute though, you can't bet upset with her ;)

    ~ ~

  4. The Sewing Binge is over! This week the 5 day fast begins, so Eli will have more Mama to go around!