Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Muggy Fourth

Eliana got to bounce in a bouncing house for the first time this Sunday.  Unfortunately she only ventured to stand up once!   Cora, on the other hand, did great!

070410 077

Cora has mastered ‘landing well’.

070410 078

And also ‘apologizing well’ when she lands on a friend!

070410 079

We got to spend the 4th with The Kemps!

070410 110

Eli and Cora bonded over Goldfish crackers.

070410 126

Eli and Dada.

070410 138

And of course Tata had to come along!

070410 144

Eli was completely unaware that this cotton candy was the World’s Worst Cotton Candy ever!  It had the consistency of ABC gum and we waited in line so long for it that we missed watching the fireworks with everyone else! That is now on my list of “Dumb Things Never to Do Again.”

070410 149 

Poor Eli! She had no clue that watching fireworks from a cotton candy line was lame-o!  Eli and Cora did amazing, lasting the whole hot and sweaty afternoon and night at Milburn Park!   Prayer works!

070410 151

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  1. Great pictures - especially in the bounce house!! My post will be up soon, too if blogger cooperates!

    BTW, Cora is wearing the zebra outfit. It looks adorable! Tomorrow she is wearing her sweet little daisy shirt. Thank you so much!!