Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Days of Fall

Too bad the weather is getting cooler because last Friday we discovered a great splash pad at Terra Burger!

092410 014

Here is Cora splashing about.

092410 026

And here is Cora practicing her levitation skills with a rock!

092410 034

Later that day we took Eli to another park and she found an adorable big girl friend who was as smitten with Eli as she was.

092610 017

Wheeeee!!! Eliana learned how to slide this weekend!

092610 019

092610 020

This slide was a little steep for Eli to ride alone, so naturally....

092610 024

Saturday we visited with Baby Grace! She turns 1 in November and this girl can already walk!  When she walks she is as Graceful as a baby chick!

092610 049

Here is Eliana contemplating the grass and the chill of Fall!

092610 063


  1. The Splash place looks really fun. Loved the pics of both girls playing in the water!