Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 little pumpkins

Last Friday Eli and I hosted a Halloween ‘playdate', not a party a playdate!  Wink, wink!  Here is our 4th?? attempt at taking a civilized picture with our monkeys toddlers.  1st prize goes to Ava, the Peeps. 2nd prize for sillyness goes to Grace, the Duckie slithering out of her mom’s lap  and 3rd place goes to Cora, Blues Clues who is not even looking!  At least the Mamas are all looking!

102910 009

Grace is bathing Water Baby like a lion would…

102910 013

This was one of our crafts, “Decorate a picture frame”.  I am happy to report no one ate the glue.

102910 015

Eli was very happy Hattie attended the festivities. Here they are decorating a pumpkin with stickers!

102910 023

Aren’t Ava’s chongos adorable??

102910 027

Here is sugar at work in Eli!

102910 028

This is the Meltdown hour or as the girls see it, Nap Time!  Cora was the eldest of the group and because monkeys do as monkey see…

102910 030

Eli and Ava were quick to follow in Coco’s footsteps.

102910 036

A tickle party ensued!  The party was several days ago and Eli will still hit the floor expecting to be tickled!  Let the Christmas playdate planning begin!

 102910 038


  1. What a neat idea with lots of fun activities. Loved the picture of the two girls laughing on the floor.

  2. The monkey see, monkey do picture is priceless! I should probably be embarrassed that Cora started it, but I have no shame! Thanks again for all the fun!

  3. NO way! You have an all-girls group?? :) Where are all the boys? Well, they would've been the ones eating the glue :) Cute pics!