Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cuz Love

Over Thanksgiving Eli gave and got lots of love from Abigail & Edson!

112610 019

However, Eli was not too keen on sharing Tata with Abi…

112610 020

Edson & Eli must have agreed upon making silly eyes for this picture…the pineapple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

112610 025

Eli enjoyed reading Edson’s big boy books about planets:112610 035

Baby in a Box is definitely at the top of my Christmas list, how bout you?

112610 041

Here is Tia Kena posing with the cousins:

112610 047

Here is Eli & Abi’s goodbye hug. It’s your turn to come visit us now!

112610 050

Eli’s farewell to Edson was even  more passionate. I may be uploading the mug down later…


  1. lol! I think John may have gotten me baby in a box for Christmas!!

    The girls' outfits are super cute, couture mama!

  2. Looks like you had a wonder Thanksgiving with your family.

  3. Cute pictures! Yes - we need to visit very soon!