Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The After Party

Last night we held the most unusual birthday celebration in the history of my birthdays! Here are the cupcakes.

110910 1193

These are the take-home gifts for my guests. Each book had a different Scripture in it. I got the inspiration for them here.

110910 1198

Here are my distinguished guests! JW was the photog for the night.

110910 1204

Our celebration was unusual because it was three- fold. 1) We were celebrating my 31st birthday, duh. 2) We were celebrating my 7 yrs. in Austin and last but not least 3) We celebrated the new life Christ offers by commemorating the death of my old life---literally. We held a memorial service of sorts outside while Dub, Eli & Cora patiently waited inside.

110910 1207

Eli is wondering what all the Mamas are doing outside and why she can’t eat a cupcake now!

110910 1210

We prayed and I read a letter to my childhood self, my adolescent self and my pre-Christ adult self. Then we burned the letter along with old pictures. A couple of others also burnt their own letters. We watched the past burn away…

110910 1218

110910 1223

The ashes smelled bad but they also turned into a rose! I don’t think the picture does the rose true justice. But these 6 women and JW are my witnesses that God literally turns our ashes into beauty. (Isaiah 61:3) Then we buried the box with the ashes and closed in prayer!

110910 1231

And because it was a birthday, afterwards we went inside for cupcakes and wishes!

110910 1241

Cora shows us the only logical way to eat a cupcake! Thanks for keeping Eli company Coco!

110910 1246

The wait was worth it!

110910 1249

Best Birthday Yet!

110910 1256

Yesterday’s preparations consumed (joyfully) our entire day. The party ended around 9pm so all of us went to bed much later than we normally do. Eli even woke up at 1am and I had to rock her to sleep until 2am!

So this morning after I made JW breakfast (like a zombie) I went back to bed and stayed there until nearly 11am!!! I’m sure Eli woke up at some point but when I got up she was still in bed asleep! This is a first but it seems only fitting that after such a full and busy day yesterday that the after party today is complete indulgence in rest & relaxation.

I made us pumpkin waffles and we brunched during lunch! Then we went to the park and now we are continuing to be lazy. I still haven’t cleaned up the kitchen! I will clean it up as soon as I can muster up the energy!

Thank you to everyone who prayed, came, participated, cried, laughed, ate cupcakes and made silly jokes! Your love & friendship is a gift from God!

And thank you Lord Jesus for coming to preach the good news to us, to heal our broken hearts, to proclaim liberty for the captives, to release from prison those that are bound, to comfort all who mourn, to give us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for our mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness and for making us trees of righteousness, for loving us so much that you have called us to reflect Your glory and love! To You be the Glory Forever & Ever! Amen. Isaiah 61:1-3

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  1. I love this! What a great way to renew the spirit :)