Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Piñata!

Here is the Birthday Girl sitting pretty for pictures.

Here is Abuela showing off the birthday dress. I have to admit it looks pretty good in pictures! Thanks for all the compliments, I am definitely my worst critic!
Eliana can't resist touching other people's eyeballs...especially if they are so blue and pretty! Sorry Baby Andres!

I wonder if Eli is hiding from yet another baby she made cry! Please come back next year when she has gentler manners. Eliana loves other babies but unfortunately expresses her love without restraint.

Trying to make-up with Cousin Abigail after 'loving on' her face. Poor Cousin Abi, I hope we get invited to her party after all of Eli's abuse.

This is our fabulous cake from Randalls! White cake with buttercream frosting- not for Eliana!

Here is Eliana's cake made by the Mami bakery! Thankfully Abuela gave me the perfect Tupperware for it! As you can see, Eliana knows this is her smash cake.

Here is Hattie, but Eliana is not sharing!

Her frosting only had 2 tablespoons of honey instead of sugar and I think it made a big difference in her endurance. Go honey! Eliana was in bed at 8:30pm tossing and talking! Ok, maybe too much endurance...

Eliana took to her piñata immediately!

However she also loved beating the Hello Kitty to death!
Sofia was also a piñata lover/beater. She was one of the best hitters!

Cousins! Abigail liked her treat bag...made it all worth it!
I'm sure I'll have more birthday pictures later on if I can get the grandmas/aunts/friends to share! I was having too much fun to take pictures but thanks to Aunt Benna, Erin, Tia Kim,Edson, etc. we got some great pics!! Thanks!!!

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